Thursday, August 2, 2007

New buzz

It seems the most recent buzz word is on the ground. I think this usage began with troops who were on the ground in specific war zones, and that makes some sense. But now everyone's on the ground, from rescue workers to school teachers.

I also predict a rise in the use of nascent. There are many things in this world that are nascent, to be sure, but the word hasn't been used much. I think it's coming on, though, and probably will enter overuse status within a few months.

I've also seen a peculiar blip in a redundancy: share in common. I seem to be hearing and reading it often lately, and it grates. We either have something in common or we share an interest in something, but we don't need to share it in common.

I find the rise and fall of words very interesting and would love it if you'd share (but not in common) the buzzwords you see looming on the horizon.

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